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Artisanal Syrup Maker of Aubel

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Rue Saint-Antoine 16
4880 Aubel
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+32 (0) 87 68 64 38
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For five generations, the Siroperie Artisanale d’Aubel (Artisanal Syrup Maker of Aubel ) has been continuing the tradition of syrup making according to the ancestral recipe of the farms of the Pays de Herve.

Although better techniques have made the different manual processes easier, nothing has changed the old traditions. Still made in copper vats, heated over a fire and without added sugar, the artisanal syrup is a concentrated juice of apples and pears picked from standard (tall) trees of the Pays de Herve.

At Nyssen’s, syrup making is a family history, with knowledge handed down through the generations. And already, the future is assured!

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Monsieur Claudy NYSSEN

Rue de Kierberg 20
4880 Aubel

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