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Battice Fort

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Rue d'Aubel
4651 Battice
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Battice fort is one of four such complexes built during the 1930s and more specifically over the period from 1934 to 1937. In May 1940, the fort was besieged for 12 days, and came under fire from heavy artillery and the German air force. A single bomb launched by a stuka ricocheted and entered a combat block, killing 28 of its occupants. The scale of the damage is shown in the tiny museum that has been built there. The mechanical inspection, 35 underground, is well worthwhile visiting even though some of equipment is missing (removed by a scrap merchant in the 1960s) :

Dynamic demonstration of a 75 mm, two-cannon turret

Frescos in the underground barrack block

Generating unit in perfect condition

Casements for a 60 mm cannon and completely restored machine gun.


Monsieur Georges Meesen : rue du Centre 43 - 4890 Thimister-Clermont (contact for the visits)

Monsieur Olivier Lenartz : rue du Paradis 8 - 4800 Verviers (Secretary de l'A.S.B.L Fort de Battice)

René Coune : rue du Puits Saint-Anne 9 - 4620 Fléron (President de l'A.S.B.L Fort de Battice)

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Société/Association Asbl Fort de Battice

Rue du Puits Sainte-Anne 9
4620 Fléron

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